# ThunkOn

Defines a thunkOn listener against your model.


  Model extends object = {},
  Injections = any,
  StoreModel extends object = {}
  • Model

    The model against which the thunkOn is being defined. You need to provide this so that the actions that will be provided to your thunkOn are correctly typed.

  • Injections

    If your store was configured with injections, and you intend to use them within your thunkOn, then you should provide the type of the injections here.

  • StoreModel

    If you plan on targeting an action from another part of your store state then you will need to provide your store model so that the provided store actions are correctly typed.

    Additionally, if you plan on using the getStoreState or getStoreActions APIs of a thunkOn then you will also need this so that their results are correctly typed.

# Example

import { ThunkOn, thunkOn, Action, action } from 'easy-peasy';
import { StoreModel, Injections } from '../index';

interface AuditModel {
  logs: string[];
  addLog: Action<AuditModel, string>;
  onTodoAdded: ThunkOn<AuditModel, Injections, StoreModel>;

const auditModel: AuditModel = {
  logs: [],
  addLog: action((state, payload) => {
  onTodoAdded: thunkOn(
    (actions, storeActions) => storeActions.todos.addTodo,
    async (actions, payload, { injections }) => {
      await injections.auditService.add(`Added todo: ${payload}`);
      actions.addLog(`Added todo: ${payload}`);