Vegetarian friendly state for React

Easy Peasy is an abstraction of Redux, providing a reimagined API that focuses on developer experience. It allows you to quickly and easily manage your state, whilst leveraging the strong architectural guarantees and extensive eco-system that Redux has to offer.

  • Zero configuration
  • No boilerplate
  • React hooks based API
  • Extensive TypeScript support
  • Encapsulate data fetching
  • Computed properties
  • Reactive actions
  • Redux middleware support
  • State persistence
  • Redux Dev Tools
  • Global, context, or local stores
  • Built-in testing utils
  • React Native supported
  • Hot reloading supported

All of this comes via a single dependency install.

npm install easy-peasy

Fly like an eagle

Create your store

const store = createStore({
  todos: ['Create store', 'Wrap application', 'Use store'],
  addTodo: action((state, payload) => {

Wrap your application

function App() {
  return (
    <StoreProvider store={store}>
      <TodoList />

Use the store

function TodoList() {
  const todos = useStoreState((state) => state.todos);
  const addTodo = useStoreActions((actions) => actions.addTodo);
  return (
      {, idx) => (
        <div key={idx}>{todo}</div>
      <AddTodo onAdd={addTodo} />

OS Awards Nominee

Easy Peasy was nominated under the "Productivity Booster" category. The following screencast will be presented during the awards ceremony at the React Summit 2020 conference.

Core Team

Peter Weinberg
Jørn A. Myrland
Jørn A. Myrland
Sean Matheson
Sean Matheson

Our Sponsors ❤️

We have only but great appreciation to those who support this project. If you have the ability to help contribute towards the continued maintenance and evolution of this library then please consider [becoming a sponsor (opens new window)].

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