Within this tutorial you will learn Easy Peasy by refactoring an existing application. We will refactor the application in a step by step manner, introducing each of the core concepts and APIs of Easy Peasy as we progress.

If you are looking for a quick fire overview then we recommend you read the quickstart tutorial.

The application that we are going to refactor is a naive shopping cart. It lists some products and allows you to add a product to your basket. You can additionally view your basket and remove products from it.

In refactoring the application we will define the state first, thereafter we will gradually introduce each of the APIs (e.g. action, thunk, etc).

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the target application before you proceed, and invite you to fork it and perform the refactoring described within each section of the tutorial. The tutorial will show all the code changes that are required.

Each section will end with a link to a snapshot of the application with the refactoring up to that point applied to it.

We hope that you find this tutorial helpful and invite you to provide feedback on the GitHub repo.